In Conversation W/ • Amanda Chase

I reached out to Amanda Chase, a creative consultant and founder of Oshen Creative Agency to ask her about how she got to where she is today.
I’d been following her for a while, but was really sparked to connect after reading her post’s for To Be Magnetic on creating your dream career… something I’d been thinking a lot about on my travels.

“Expansion & Contraction, the light & the shadow… we can not exist without both.”

- Amanda Chase

image of Amanda by @morganpansing

image of Amanda by @morganpansing

(header image and) Amanda at her desk while traveling by @visualritual

(header image and) Amanda at her desk while traveling by @visualritual

Growing up in Maryland, she started on her pathway some ten years ago by creating her own mood boards from her favourite magazines. This led her to wanting to work for magazines and she went onto work for Nylon Magazine, Michael Kors, Garance Dore to name a few. While on this “accidental route” to becoming a creative consultant, Amanda told me that she’d not only become a yoga teacher, but had a degree in psychology, prompted by her intrigue to healing self and others. Soon she began writing more Wellness oriented posts and this is where she began to realise she needed to listen to her true passions and let them lead her away from assistant work and writing blog posts in fashion, and instead, towards creative consultancy for well known wellness brands.

Here are my notes from our Skype call that I hope will inspire you as they did me.

Use What You Know
Creative Consultancy is a vague term, it depends on the individuals and their set of expertise. For Amanda, that was a background in working in a creative, marketing and editorial background so these are the three aspects she could offer services for.

Listen to What’s In Front of You and Respond to that.

• Have Your Work Align with Your Passion
Understand what your passion is from a non-ego based position because you want to be fuelled by the passion and not a label/title of a job.

"The true happiness… comes from doing what you want to be doing with your whole heart.”

• Integrity Comes First
Don’t let the idea of a cool sounding job (aka label) or even the amount of followers, dictate what you do or if you’re worthy. You’ll soon realise that it’s so empty and won’t amount to much.

Find Out What’s Blocking You
Amanda realised that her beliefs of “not good enough” and “Why would they hire me?” was holding her back from further expansion in her career and for taking on new clients.
By finding out your personal blocks (beliefs, patterns etc), you can begin to dig deeper as to why you feel that way, think that way or what’s really holding you back (… most likely it’s yourself).

Collect All the Pebbles to Create the Mountain
There are many tools, experiences, choices, etc to have. Each one is just a small piece that helps you build the bigger picture. This is why there really is no one way to creating success, everyone and anyone can find success if they follow all of their (non-ego) interests.

• Travel Often (a personal goal of mine!).
She made it her mission in 2018 to travel every month for trips to fuel her creativity and break away from the normal routine. She didn’t notice a change in her bank account because she found herself only saying ‘yes’ to places that really felt like they were somewhere she needed to go, often she found that a friend knew of a place or invited her, or something came up that aloud her the freedom in working remotely once a month.

On Daily Practices

”It’s about navigating the waters and saying, ‘Yep, well, it’s going to be a rough day’ and maybe I check out a bit earlier to do something for myself because I’m not going to be productive. All of it is about tuning into yourself so you can really meet the work and present what you have to it then.”

From working in wellness she has been able to take on many incredible tools from people she’s worked with and met. One thing she found was that the best way to live everyday is in tune with it’s natural rhythm of expansion and contraction (good days and bad days). She explained that she had been very strict with herself in the past, which didn’t work out for her, so now she takes on a much more intuitive approach to the everyday. She meditates when she feels like it, goes for a hike when she wants it, etc.

• Creative Practices
Morning Pages — from the book The Artists Way by Julia Cameron, she will write up to three pages each morning to get everything out of her head and onto paper
A weekly date with yourself — much like when having a bad day, sometimes pre-prioritising taking yourself out to the cinema, a meal, a coffee, a walk, can help boost your creative flow. Leave your phone behind, maybe take a pen and paper just enjoy your own company.

On Sharing Vulnerably
I was intrigued by her decision to create a PDF of her old blog posts that were available to buy on her website. I asked her on her thoughts of where to draw the line between sharing to help the greater good and perhaps sharing things that are very personal.

"Really check in with yourself and ask ‘how is this healing myself?’ and ‘How is this healing others?'". It goes back to the non-ego ‘why’ you do what you do. Not everyone is going to get it, but if it really is you, then go with that because it’s true to your integrity.”

• Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
When we have the skills and spend time with people or a company we look up to, we gain the confidence in our own abilities which enables us to take us further into our own worth and career.
- Start with offering you time for an internship to learn the skills. She is a huge advocate for this as this is how she found many, if not most of her skills today from her internship jobs.
- Take online classes from sites such as Skill Share. Someone she hired learnt everything* from an online course, if you have a passion for something but not the location or the right people around you, this makes it so much more accessible and a lot less excuses as to why you’re not learning something new.

• My Conclusions & Wisdoms Learnt
I never expected Amanda, someone I’d never met or had contact with previously, to be so open to share her trials, tribulations and lessons of how she got to where she is; working in her dream field, with clients that inspire her and traveling often. My take away from this is that balance is always key, but you must also be willing to really put in the work. Labelling yourself doesn’t mean you do what you do. Actions speak louder than labels (a true Beyond value).
Take each day as it comes, letting go of the ‘ideal’ and belief our subconscious mind is programmed from society (etc) to tells us we have to fit into a certain box, a certain routine, or else we are failing. And to remember to navigate the water’s of a new day with fresh eyes and understanding.
Creativity isn’t just a job, or something some people are born with. It’s a therapy and a tool to explore in many forms, to process, express and share emotions, thoughts and beyond.

Many thanks to Amanda for letting me share this knowledge with others.

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